Explore the city of angels

  • recommended duration : 3-4 days
  • location: Varaždin and Ludbreg

Angels, known as God’s army and doers of the will of the Lord, are assigned to each of us for protection and comfort in our life’s journey. In churches and chapels we can most often see them surrounding the throne of God, and in the Baroque style they are a symbol of the guardian angel who guards us at all times. The baroque town of Varaždin is also known as the “city of angels” since in the very center of the city there are numerous baroque churches within which there are statues of angels. Take your time and follow the angels in town churches and chapels.

You can start your journey through the “city of angels” at the Varaždin Cathedral, located in the very center of the city on Pauline Street. In the cathedral you can pray at the altars of St. Francis Xavier and St. Ignatius of Loyola.

After visiting the cathedral, take a walk to the Franciscan Church of St. John the Baptist, located on the Franciscan Square where the statue of Gregory of Nin is. On Thursdays after the Holy Mass here are held Bible lessons, and all believers are welcome.

Near the church of St. John the Baptist there are the parish church of St. Nicholas, the oldest parish in the city, and the Ursuline monastery and the Church of the Birth of Jesus. In the parish church of St. Nicholas you can see  a lot of sculptures of playful angels above the main altar and within the other altars.

In the Church of the Nativity of Jesus, you can pray in front of a sarcophagus with the earthly remains of the Ursuline Klaudija Boellein, who died on the trail of holiness, and today many believers pray to her. Every 8th of the month in the Ursuline church you can take part in the common rosary beginning at 5:30 pm, before the Holy Mass at 6:00 pm.

Near the parish church of St. Nicholas, there is a Capuchin monastery and the church of the Holy Trinity. Inside the church there is a depiction of St. Francis praying for the protection of the city – St. Francis kneels beside an angel holding in his hands a picture of the city of Varaždin.

After a tour of the city center, the path of the angels leads you to the Old Town, which houses the wooden court chapel of St. Lawrence. In this chapel, on the feast of St. Lawrence, a traditional mass celebration is held. In front of the entrance to the Old Town there is a statue of St. John Nepomuk surrounded by angels. The nearby votive churches and chapels are also worth a visit – St. Florian’s Church, the Chapel of St. Roch and the Chapel of St. Vitus.

After visiting Varaždin, we recommend that you take a day to visit the nearby Sanctuary of the Precious Blood of Christ in Ludbreg, where believers have made the pilgrimages since 1513 when Pope Leon X acknowledged the miraculous appearance of the Holy Blood of Jesus.

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