Church of St. Vitus - Varaždin

The smaller baroque church of st. Vitus is part of a parish run by the Capuchins. Inside the church is the main baroque altar with the statue of St. Vitus, and the side altars are dedicated to the Mother of God and St. Valentine.

In front of the church, at a nearby crossroads, there is a high statue of St. John the Baptist. On the Feast of St. John the Baptist (24th June), according to the centuries-old tradition, in the church of St. Vitus the bells are ringing all night as a thanks to God for protecting the city from the attacks of the Turks.

Holy Mass:
On Sundays and holidays: 7:30 pm

Prayer to St. Vitus

Dear Vitus, the one thing we are certain about
is that you died a martyr’s death.
In early times,
churches were dedicated to you in important places.
In the Middle Ages,
your intercession obtained cures from epilepsy
so that this disease came to be called “Saint Vitus’ Dance”.
Inspire comedians to make people dance with laughter
and so bear goodwill toward one another.


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