Church of St. Florian - Varaždin

After the catastrophic fire that struck the city of Varaždin in 1776, the church of St. Florian, which remained intact in that fire, became the votive church of the firemen of Varaždin. Every year at the beginning of May, on the feast of St. Florian, a votive mass of firemen from Varaždin is held in this church.

Inside the church there is a baroque main altar on which stands out the sculpture of St. Florian extinguishing a city hall fire. Along the main altar are the side altars dedicated to St. Lucy and St. Apollonia. Church of St. Florian is known for the oldest preserved Croatian organs dating from 1664, which were restored in 2015. These are organs that, due to their appearance and construction, are at the very top of European heritage.

Holy Masses

On Sundays and holidays: 16 h in winter (17 h in summer)