Chapel of St. John in Gorica - Lepoglava

In Gorica, on the small hill above Lepoglava, there was a small chapel of St. Anne built  in the 17th century. Shortly after its construction, in 1727, the chapel was dedicated to the fifteen saints of John and was rebuilt in Baroque style. The interior walls of the chapel were painted by the Pauline monk and the famous baroque painter Ivan Ranger. According to some, it is believed that the artistic creation of Ivan Ranger started in this chapel. On the walls of the chapel there all St. Johns depicted, and  the central place of the paintings is occupied by the main motif St. John the Baptist.


To the chapel on the hill, which is located above the penitentiary in Lepoglava, there is the Way of the cross with the stations accompanying the serving of the sentence of Blessed Alojzije Stepinac in Lepoglava.